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The beginning

Timaru Herald - Accountants 2013.  The beginning of Lara

Timaru Herald - Accountants 2013.  The beginning of Lara

I was created to feature in a news paper article about accountants.  My designers decided that they needed a fresh way to focus their services.  Staff member Ricky gave me my name, and Mark and Ricky created my "history".

Help my taxes are giving me nightmares

Help my taxes are giving me nightmares

In the picture Lara, is an example of a person struggling with her taxes.  She owns a successful interior design business and this is her second year.   She deals with her own wages and GST returns but with her very busy week she is getting behind with these . 

How Can Lawson Accounting help Lara?


We will plan her taxes and even arrange monthly instalments.  We will track her profits during the year and adjust them with her growth.


Each week we will calculate her staff wages and send them payslips.  We will file the monthly employer return.  Every two months we will calculate and file her GST returns.


We will give her easy to understand monthly reports and graphs. The graphs clearly show how the business is performing. This will enable Lara to react and plan accordingly.


We are able to offer her some of the best accounting software programmes and we will set them up and train her.


Most of our businesses and farms are encouraged to go on the better cover of Cover Plus Extra.  We will discuss this with Lara and her insurance broker.  


We will work closely with Lara.  During  the year we will update budgets and discuss the expansion plan she has.  This involves visiting her business site and going to the bank with her.

Our aim is to provide a personal service for whatever type of business or farm you either run or are planning to purchase.

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