One year later

What a difference a year makes!

This time last year Lara was struggling with her taxes and this was affecting the time she wanted and needed to spend on her interior design business.

Now in her third year she has managed to make the business grow and has opened her second outlet.

This has only been made possible because she enlisted the professional services of Lawson Accounting Team.

Lawson Accounting not only takes care of Lara’s Tax Planning but has taken the burden off her by doing her Payroll & GST Returns .

Lara is kept totally up to date because she receives Monthly Reports & Graphs and she has taken advantage of the Online Accounting services offered by Lawson Accounting.

Lara also has the peace of mind that all her ACC Levies have been discussed with Lawson Accounting and her broker.

The one she likes is the team environment.  She sees, one of team for wages, another for GST returns and has two monthly strategy meetings.  And at times, the team visit her. 

If you too would like to have some or all of the burdens taken from you that come with running your own business or farm the feel free to contact us on 03 6883074 to make an appointment.

Our first meeting is free of charge. And our web site looks like an interior designer created it.  Go there yourself